What items won’t you accept?

Paint, dried or liquid, chemicals, solvents, fuel, gas tanks of any size, food scraps.


Why does the skip come with a lid?

Don’t fill past the line on the skip because collecting an uncovered and overweight skip is dangerous.


Why can’t I mix general waste with renovation waste?

Renovation waste may contain asbestos, fibreglass, paint, etc.  These are all considered hazardous waste and will contaminate anything else it is mixed with.


Do I have to be present when you collect the skip?

No, as long as the payment has been received we’ll collect the skip whether you are home or out.


How long do you take to deliver the skip after I’ve hired it?

We can have the skip at your home, business or site within 24 hours.


Can I get more than 1 skip bin?  You can get as many skip bins as you want….within reason…..we will help you choose a bin that is the right size for you, or if you are a larger commercial or industrial business, then we can get you multiple bins for various levels of your property.