We’ll set up an appointment when an inspector will come to your home or business and determine the type of skip bin and the pick-up schedule that will work best for you.  Some skip bins are perfect for domestic purposes while commercial sites will have larger, more cumbersome items that require heavy-duty bins.


There are certain things we need to know about the types of waste you need collecting:


  • Garden waste and compostable items
  • Construction site materials
  • Household items
  • Furniture
  • Renovation refuse



We’ll take any electronics you no longer use; just make sure to give us a call as it will be a special pickup.  You can also find refurbished electronics at our skip bin site at very reasonable prices.  When we extend the life of a product by refurbishing it, everyone wins.  But we want to point out that because we are environmentally friendly it is important that you load your skips with items specifically listed for the container.  Contaminants make it difficult for our workers to sort through and can be downright dangerous. If you do have hazardous material you wish picked up, we can connect you with the proper waste management officials that will ensure you comply with the current environmental regulations.  They will discuss and arrange for its safe collection and delivery to the proper site.  Please don’t put contaminated waste into our bins or a damage fee will be added to your bill and we will no longer offer you our skip bin hire.